Late in the night of 29, Wang Sicong’s Weibo video was deleted in seconds, and was hotly discussed on the Internet! What’s the matter? Originally, some netizens saved the video content deleted by Wang Sicong seconds. It was a picture of three young women riding bicycles. The video was accompaniedContinue Reading

Zhejiang woman Alan (a pseudonym) was arrested 11 times by the police for drug abuse in the past eight years, but each time because she was pregnant, she escaped legal punishment and turned to community drug treatment. On December 29, Peng Mei News learned from the Xianju County Public SecurityContinue Reading

On December 27, the Ministry of Finance issued a circular on the convergence of preferential policies after the amendment of the Personal Income Tax Law. It mainly involves seven major concerns: Policies on one-time bonus for the whole year, deferred payment of annual performance salary for the head of aContinue Reading

Eating delicious food is a kind of enjoyment for all people. Nowadays, Chinese people are increasingly demanding to eat. Many people are especially keen on stimulating food to stimulate taste buds. After all, you are my favorite spicy stick, “bullies don’t know what citronella looks like”, “I always thought WeilongContinue Reading