st year, increasing from 21 surgeries in 2000, the first year he returned to Zhengzhou from Australia, he said. Cheng hoped the schematic diagrams could make a contribution for the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular diseases in the future. Besides his persistence on drawing the schematic diagrams, he also keepsContinue Reading

form and opening-up drive, and said the country’s success has not only brought changes to itself, but als o has profound and positive influence on the world. Vanuatu firmly honors the one-China policy and supports the Chinese government in its efforts to realize peaceful national reunification, he added. oreign investorsContinue Reading

China’s paper-making, gunpowder, printing, compass, calendar, philosophy and people-oriented view have exerted profound i nfluence in the world and greatly promoted the development process of human civilization. Chinese civilization is an open system formed during constant exchanges and mutual learning with other civilizations. In the future, China will surely embraceContinue Reading

asures as reducing the rate of the value-added tax, increasing the tax exemption for research costs and reforming individual income tax. The measures should not only ease the tax burden for manufacturing com panies but also reduce taxes for construction enterprises, which provide a great num ber of jobs, LiContinue Reading

arned against further raising tariffs. “Increasing tariffs will only continue to harm America n consumers and businesses of all sizes and across all sectors, as well as threat en American econ omic growth and leadership in innovation,” said Naomi Wilson, the council’s senior director of policy for Asia. US chemicalContinue Reading

 decade is likely to be driven by greater global financial sector integration,” said Alfred Schip ke, the International Monetary Fund’s senior resident representative for China. Chinese students are increasingly diversifying their choices of destinations for overseas stud ies, with more students choosing to go to the United Kingdom, Australia andContinue Reading

rcrowding and rampant construction plaguing cities, and the development of cities will also offer unique ways to bring about rural revitalization,” Chen said. “As restrictions on hukou will gradually be removed, cities need to be well-prepared to offer accommodation and employment opportunities, and allow children of migrant workers to haveContinue Reading